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5 Web/App Tools for a landlord to have

Either you are a tenant or a landlord, you will find the following tools are so easy to use that helps you make the real estate decision or make the transaction easier.  Give a shoot. You will love it!

Rentometer ( www.rentometer.com ):

As a landlord, I use Rentometer to find the reasonable rent in the neighborhood that I plan to rent out the house/condo. All you need to do is input the address, rent and the number of the rooms. Rentometer will show up the historic rent history on an interactive map. Also it offers the rental listing page where I find it’s attracting more landlords to post a listing.

I find out this website is user friendly. No advertisement will pop out and the speed is fast. It also helps me research if a potential real estate property is good to invest as a rental property. The only disadvantage I see is that it’s mostly focus on residential.

SignNow (www.signnow.com)

Again, this is the website you must have an account if you are running any business/side job that needs to sign/fill any document.  You can upload your rental contract, fill out the property information. You sign on the contract and you can email or invite the tenant to sign on the contract online. SignNow is so convenient. You can download from iPad/Android or even you just need to login to the website and use the mouse as the pen to sign your signature. Love this product!

Craigslist (www.craigslist.com)

For sure, in the rental market, the landlord needs go Craigslist to post the property for rent. Few tips below will definitely drives the potential tenants’ interests:

1. Describe the number of rooms/rent clearly. And on the post title, you can abbreviate 3b2b for 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Many tenants search properties by this abbreviation

2. Make sure you post pictures. Usually 4-6 pictures to show the inside and outer neighborhood will be great

3. Make the approximate address available. Craigslist will display the map that helps tenants decide if this is the proper location

Nolo (www.nolo.com)

If you need some legal forms or before looking for legal advise, try to go Nolo website at http://www.nolo.com. Nolo has a very good legal books/forms that help landlord be a good landlord.

Zillow/Redfin/Trulia(www.zilow.comwww.redfin.com/ www.trulia.com)

I use these 3 websites to find nearby housing for rent or for sale. They also have forum that help you understand the real estate market. Three of them are all friendly to use. You can go to the website or download the app.

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4 Apps guarantees saves you $200 in office equipment


Of course you need a word processor to keep your thoughts. Evernote is better than that. It can keep text note, pictures, audio or even your scratch paper. Your note can be accessed from your web browser, installed desktop program, smartphone or tablet. And you can share the note with other members for collaboration. This is the application I use everyday in office or at home.



Most scanners now are equipped with office printers in most small business office. It would be convenient that you can scan documents without sharing the scanner with other employees. For instance, when your client requests to fax or scan the signed packing slip after delivery, you can use Camscanner to scan the document and then send it out by email or sharing the scanned document in dropbox or any other way. For myself, I first used this App when my realtor asked me to send her the deposit check as the earnest money when bidding a condo. At the time, I was at my 9-5 job in office and I didn’t want to use the scanner in a shared printer. I soon went to Google Play and found this App and immediately I paid $4.99 to buy the full version. I like this tool. I use in my regular job.


Again, I found this App at the same time I was bidding a condo. If you ever bid any house or condo, you know what I am talking about. Long before you buy the real estate property, you need to sign pages of pages discloures with your purchase contract. When I was first house hunting in 2004, the agent would email us all documents in PDF files. We had to print out all documents, sign/initial each page and then “FAX” back to the realtor’s office where most realtors didn’t work in their office. To print 20 to 30 pages documents per offer, I brought a laser black/white printer which was faster and saved $$$ on cartiage in the long run compared to the ink-jet type. So, if you need to fill any document in PDF format, try SignNow.


With CamCard app, you don’t need a rollar dex to keep business cards. Once you take a picture on a business card, CamCardwill transform to a new contact entry. The contact is not only stored in CamCard but it is synced together Google Contacts.

More cool stuff is you can write a note that links to each contact. Just like in old times, you write a memo on each business card as reminder. More friendly, you can export contacts in excel file.


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第一篇! 主婦皮夾部落格 Welcome to Housewife Wallet

歡迎來到皮夾理好! 主婦皮夾部落格



– 有兩個小孩
– 另一伴是個上班族
– 住在物價房價昂貴的加州灣區
– 第一代移民


報稅季節,我的朋友總是來問我一些問題:什麼是傳統IRA,羅斯IRA ,什麼是401 ( K) ?什麼是教育IRA ?我都樂意解釋。當我拿到新的信用卡Promotion,我分享Bonus秘訣,當朋友告訴我,也他們預訂機票由他們從信用卡推廣我告訴他們拿到積分兌換,你猜怎麼著? !它增強了我的腎上腺素。

我的座右銘 – 節儉並不意味著生活在貧窮,但是抱持生活資源利用和生活簡單。



Silvia @  Housewife Wallet


Welcome to Housewife Wallet –

Thanks for visiting Housewife Wallet, a personal financial blog that a housewife simply need, understand financial tools and execute financial goals.

Here is the brief of ME:
– 40-yr old working mom
– Raising 2 young cute kids
– Married to a hard-working husband
– Living in expensive metropolitan in California
– Being first generation of Chinese American

I am always sensitive to number since kid. Whether it was about math class, time, coins or even stock ticker number that my dad was used to listen to radio get the stock price when I was young in Asia.

Some people follow NFL’s scoreboard but I refresh my Yahoo Finance every hour. Personally I read finance books. I enjoy the biography of Warren Buffet or of George Solos than People’s magazine

When tax season, I am always the person my friend comes and asks me some questions: What is traditional IRA, Roth IRA and what are the benefits of them? What is 401(K)? What is educational IRA? These questions need time to understand the difference but I LOVE to explain.

Whatever I get new credit card application promotion, I email my group friends by telling them the bonus they can get by little commitment. When friends told me later they booked airline tickets by redeeming points they got from the credit card promotion I told them, Guess what?! It boosted my adrenaline.

This is my motto – being frugal does not mean living under poverty level but utilizing resources and living simple.

A lot of people have shared their points and now I feel it is time for me to contribute mine and spare them out. This blog will be the starter that I share my perspective for simplicity of life. Stay the journey with me.

Thanks for visiting Housewife Wallet. This blog will be informative! Stay tuned.

Silvia @ Housewife Wallet

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